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Welcome Welcome to Dartstream, We are primarily a company that provides technical assistance within corporate events and broadcast marketplaces. From 2010 We via our love of the sport of darts were able to provide a solution for Live streaming of Dart Tournaments for the England Darts Organisation. Since we helped to introduce this the England Darts Organisation , a number of other Organisations have also used our services within Both the WDF/BDO and PDC. We have produced the Finals of the 2013 Scottish Open, 2012 and 2013 Jersey Opens, England Classic, England Masters, England MAtchplay. The British Internationals in Glenrothes, Scotland and The British Internationals in Halifax, Yorks. We have also provided Camera and Video production for a number of Exhibitions for High Profile players within the PDC, as can be seen in our example on our You Tube channel. We have recently invested in some cutting edge equipment to bring you coverage in High Definition 1920x1080i, as well as other formats as 720p and 625i. We can supply a system Specified to your requirements and budget. From 5 Cameras, to Remote Camera Heads, to Multiple cameras and Operators sourced from the Broadcast Industry. Although Darts has been our main sporting event, including many tournaments and Exhibitions covered. We can also undertake other sports and at a price which could bring your sport to the Web at a fraction of the cost you might expect to pay.
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Bringing Live Sport to Your Computer Screens and mobile devices
Need to stream a Sporting Event..Well Contact Us and we’ll see if We can help get it on the Web at a Very affordable cost to any Organisation..
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